The Dirty Dawg Salon LLC

Compassionate Care for Elderly or Fearful Dogs

  $35 a night. There are kennels all over town where you can put your dog in a cage and know they are safe, so why come to us instead? Because when you take a vacation, shouldn't your devoted friend have one too? That being said, would you spend YOUR vacation in a cage? They too can have fun through the "farm experience" they will be engaged in while here.




Hello! My name is Diane Lisonbee and am the owner/operator of The Dirty Dawg Salon. I have had a lifelong affinity for animals. From horses to snakes, I have the experience to handle them all in a calm, authoritative manner that garners  respect and trust from the most unruly or fearful animals.

I put my heart behind "Compassionate Care for elderly and Fearful Dogs"!


It is my philosophy that the haircut is only part of the process.  A calm, relaxed dog is the key to a successful finished product.

And the key to THAT is a quiet, low stress shop. Being a small business, we can take the time to give your dog the attention he needs without either of us feeling rushed or pressured.