MATS HAPPEN!  We get it.  We don’t judge… We call it JOB SECURITY! LOL

                    This is just a heads up that due to the higher number of fully matted dawgs we see,                           we will have to add an additional charge. Here’s why:

1: Even if we are able to just take it all off with a close blade BEFORE bathing (thereby avoiding having to bathe and dry that pelt before shaving it off anyway), we still have to run the clippers over the whole dog again, to get that smooth finish we all like.

2: In those rare cases were the mats are so tight that only a surgical blade can be used, WE WONT. We will wash that coat and then spend a long time with the blower, trying to move the mats a bit up off the skin so we can get a #10 or #7 blade in there. THEN we shave it all off.

Many ask us to try and save the coat, and we, ever the optimists, try. For 30+ minutes… only to find that there is an area that simply can’t be saved-so off it all comes anyway!

This all takes extra time past the time we schedule for each dog. We don’t always know what is lurking in there til we arrive; so be aware that you might be getting an additional charge on your bill.

Thank you for being understanding

Compassionate Care for Elderly or Fearful Dogs

The following prices are estimates only (depending on mats, coat density, length) and are somewhat negotiable. 


PLEASE; phone estimates are very difficult...they are just estimates

$60 up to Shu Shih Tzu size

$75 Cocker Spaniel-Lhasa size

$75 small aussie size

$90 - $110 up to Labrador size (double coat?+)

$120 - $200 for DOODLES-which are all over the board in size and/or coat condition.  Malinois, Rotties, double coated Labs are in this list.


If you are looking for a basic bath and blowdry, take about $10 -$15 off the above prices - again, these are ESTIMATES

Severe matting will run +$15 every half hour over the allotted 2 hour groom - 1 hour for littles

Tick removal +$10-$20 over the first 20 ticks or so.

​Super heavy double coats that require more than 40 minutes (large dog) drying time +$15-$25

Aggressive or struggling dogs. While we DO specialize in elderly or fearful, if we bleed...​​

Deshed. We use UltraMAX Shampoo and Conditioning process: First, your dog is thoroughly brushed, then sits in shampoo and conditioner for ten minutes EACH to prep the coat to "slip". A powerful dryer while brushing again gets all the loose hair out. Follow up with a non-greasy smoothing product that will leave your dog's coat shiny and soft +$10-$20

* Wheat and Gluten Free (Industry First)
* Paraben Free
* pH Balanced
* Non-Toxic Biodegradable
* Vitamin and Protein Fortified
* Always gentle and mild for sensitive     skin

The Dirty Dawg Salon LLC

BASIC BATH: brush out, bathe with appropriate shampoo, blow dry and comb out.  Nails gently filed and anal glands expressed.  Flea and Tick shampoos no extra charge, however, some of the specialty and medicated, 2-step shampoos may require a small extra charge. 

Tidy-Up Clip includes face, bottoms of feet, tummy, and sanitary areas) and is slightly extra with bath. 

We are proud to use Envirogroom products in our shop! 

IT IS SAID that; "every man should be blessed by one good dog in his life".  I have been blessed many times over! That said, I KNOW old dogs. I know how they feel, how hard they try, and how forgiving they are. Even if it hurts to let you groom them, most will cowboy up and let you get the job done. I can feel that a joint is stiff and make the appropriate adjustments to MYSELF. If I have to get on the floor to trim nails, I will. If I have to take longer and give your pet a break, I will. My background as an artist gives me the anatomical knowledge to realize that many situations of resistance are actually based upon fear of pain. A simple adjustment in the way of holding a leg can bring relief to a painful hip or knee.

​Likewise, a puppy should start learning how to be groomed from an early age. I am loving and gentle, I reward the smallest effort at cooperation. I will give you pointers on what you can do at home to help your pup succeed in the big ol grooming shop